2002 has be a good year for numbers on the Kawartha's. Opening of Muskie season seemed very promising, as we were landing lots of large fish. However, as the season progressed the numbers were still good, but the sizes seemed to diminish. 

Three of us took a weeks vacation for opener. Rommel, Rodel and Myself (Heath). My biggest for the year (to date) was a 43" caught that week. We were fishing one of our hot spots on Buckhorn and after some really good action and a couple of smaller fish, I decided to change things up a bit. My default lures are Bucktails and Jerk Baits, but since everything started to slow down I threw on a crank bait that was running about 10 feet down in a 16 foot channel with a weed line on either side. WHAM - that one hit hard.

Later that week we all took a trip down to Sturgeon Lake to fish a productive spot that we discovered at last years Can AM . Every time I go to Sturgeon, I land a fish in the first 1/2 hour and watch everybody else land fish for the rest of the day. This day was no different. Chris, a good friend of ours landed a nice 47" - I wasn't in the boat with him, but Rommel tells me it scared the Hell out of him.