2004 Season Opener

Another slow start to the season. It's been a cold start to the summer and Buckhorn was not looking quite right. The weeds were not where they should be, so we decided to make a day trip to another Kawartha Lake on the Tuesday. Conditions were hot, really hot and if it not for the wind I wouldn't have lasted the day. I was in the boat with Rodel and I knew I was in for a long day because Rodel usually fishes for 12 hours at a time. We started off the day with Rodel landing two little guys - 32". After a couple of hours I lost a monster on a brand new suick that I hadn't bothered to sharpen the hooks on. Let that be a lesson to us all, especially me. Soon after Rodel had a nice follow, we both cast back to where he came from - nothing, then another cast, just as my suick was out of line an ready for a figure eight, he came up fast and nailed it. What a fight - the result was my personal best - 47" 23lbs.


Another couple of hours went by with follows here and there. When we moved on to a spot neither of us tried before we were a little disappointed in the structure, however the Muskie didn't seem to care. Rodel landed this 43" incher trolling to the spot where we thought we may get some action.

When we trolled by the same spot about an hour later, Rodel landed 41", but proceeded to lose his trolling rod/reel as we were landing the fish. All in all the day was successful and we saw some big fish that we just couldn't land. Rodel went back and got one of them later in the week - 45".


Back on Buckhorn, where the fishing was slow, we had some follows, another lost fish on a lure that I DID sharpen the hooks on. I took Brett out and he landed this 35" in another one of those spots that have been cold for a couple of years.