I would like to start by thanking the Americans for all the great cooking they did. We missed Joe P and Jim this year and really hope to see them next year.
All the fish that were caught this year were caught in the first 4 days. Then everything shut down. Since we were unable to locate the fish we all ended up doing a lot of trolling hoping to bag the big one and although the rods went off a couple of times were were unable to land any in the last three days.
The bar was set high for us on the first day with Tom landing a beautiful 51 incher. We knew we had our work cut out for us and the 4 Canadians worked hard to try and beat it.
Tom with the Winning fish
On day three Rommel and I worked hard all morning casting but were unsuccessful and decided to try trolling. Weaving in and out along the drop off's trying to find suspended fish. My Wiley was running at about 10 feet and Rommel's depth raider was running at about 18 feet when we marked a big hook suspended at 12 feet. Since I was running at 10 feet I left my rod where it was and Rommel picked up his and started to reel in to get his lure up where we saw the hook. When he was finished he put his rod back in the rod holder and almost immediately it went off.....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ... What a sound. And the result was a fat 47".
On Day 4 it was Aldo and Stans turn. Aldo landing 3 fish and Stan landing the fourth, but neither of them were able to secure the trophy for Canada - Nice try Boys.
Aldo with a 43"
Aldo with a 42"
Aldo with a fat 41"
Stan with a 38"
And that was the last of it.... We tried, but everything shut down and if it wasn't for the good company and good food we would have beed pissed.... All in all another great week. Congrats to the US of A for getting "our" trophy back!!!!