2005 French River CANAM

Officially started three years ago the French River CANAM is a small tournament that consists on 4 Americans versus 4 Canadians and one week of fishing. The winner of the CANAM is the country with the longest fish. The winning team gets bragging rights and takes the trophy home for the year.The fishing is always amazing, and we catch the kind of fish people dream about before heading off on Canada holidays .
In the first year Aldo won it for the Canadians with a 50"er.
The second year was a tie with only two 34"ers. Tom and Rommel shared the trophy for the year. We all raised some big fish but were unable to get them into the boat.
The third year (This Year), the Americans won with Joe P's 48"er, although it was not as easy as that, the Canadians were on there tail throughout the tournament. Early on in the Week Joe caught this monster and really raised the bar for the rest of us. We not only had to catch fish, but we had to catch a fish of a lifetime to beat this one.
Although our neighbors to the south won the tournament, the Canadians landed quite a few nice fish. In fact the 48"er was the only one landed by the Americans. The Canadains racked up a total of 235 inches with 2 X 45", 43", 36", 34", 32". Below are the four biggest.
Here are some other pictures of the guys and some scenery shots
Congrats to Joe P, Joe T, Tom and Jim for a job well done. Congrats to Aldo (who had to leave early) Rodel (his replacement), Stan, Rommel and Heath for a good effort. We'll get them next year.....