Another great week on the water. The week started off nice and warm and on the first Day Heath landed a 42" fish trolling. The Canadians were in the lead. On day two Heath lands another and things just got better from there.
It was getting warmer and warmer and by day 3 (or 4) it was hot and Aldo landed a nice 45" fish to take the lead. Or at least thats what we thought until Tom came by to tell us about the 46" fish he caught in the same spot Heath caught the second fish.
The Americans had taken the lead. The pressue is on, and the next day Stan rises to the occaion to land a beautiful 49" fish.....
Then the weather turned on us and it got nasty and cold....PERFECT. Rommel hits and lands the winner - 49 3/4 inch. I pulled up in my boat just as the fish hit and got the whole thing on video.
Unfortunatly that was the end of it, as the cold front moved in and pretty much shut everything down. Not bad though - 8 fish landed in all, a whole bunch lost, even more follows, lots of drinking, eating and good Times... Thanks Again Guys.
Here is Rommel with the Winner - 49 3/4"
A close second is Stan with a 49"
Next - Tom got a 46"
Then Aldo with a 45
Then Heath with the First fish of the week - 42"
and all the others.....