This has been another busy year and I had trouble getting to this update, but the wait is over.
Another great year - no complaints. At times the fishing was slow, but overall we caught some pretty good fish. Rommel started us off with a Nice 43", followed the next day be Heath's 36" trolling back to the cabin.The rest followed few and far between - with 4 landed in total. Aldo won it for Canada again with a nice 44 Incher.....
Thanks to everyone for kicking in and making it another memorable week....
Aldo with the winner - a 44"
Here is Rommel with the first fish of the week - 43"
Jim with his FIRST Muskie - 42"
Stan with a nice 43"
Heath with another small one
Laying the Bus to Rest in a special spot.....
Tough day on the water for Joe T.
Rough waters
Joe P's famous Fire
Passing the Trophy - but keeping it in CANADA