mark1.jpg (58270 bytes)Mark Freel with a Kawartha Muskie

rob1.jpg (86477 bytes)Rob with his first Mukie

beacham.gif (29720 bytes)MCI member Victor Beacham with a 49"er

Reynaldo.jpg (84638 bytes)Reynaldo Misa with a 44" Kawartha Muskie

MCI member Steve Wickens with a 50"er

1.JPG (95766 bytes)MCI member Bob Jamieson with a 50"er


54 inch beauty at boatside in mid October2.JPG (144489 bytes)                                                                                 3.JPG (90741 bytes)MCI member Bob Jamieson takes a quick photo.


6.JPG (64548 bytes)MCI member Hanan Sade with an early season 1999 fish

36.JPG (93286 bytes)MCI member Mike Butler with a 47 incher


10.JPG (70488 bytes)Young MCI member Steven Mammele with a nice 44 incher ( first legal muskie

12.JPG (123076 bytes)MCI member Stan Kondrotas with 43" one eye muskie

7.jpg (108261 bytes)MCI Member Ray Toll with a nice Kawartha Muskie

Kdad.jpg (9544 bytes)MCI member Kert Lavigne putting Dad onto his first muskie on a father's day outing.

wpe4.jpg (13192 bytes)Greg Jones from the USA with a   nice 52" out of the French River

Robert with a nice French  River Muskie