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Heath - 2nd Largest fish to date. 41 1/2  Inch. Tag # 1259

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               Rommel's largest fish to date caught Nov 6th 1998 ( 48 inch Tag # 1260)

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I came up Friday morning and I was on the water by 9:15 am. Mother Nature presented me with cold and windy conditions (-4C) that held up for most of the day. I relieved my frozen hands by changing tactics from casting to trolling. After four hours of trolling big crankbaits and spinnerbaits (periodically casting) I found my self fishless and very frustrated. I was ready to call it a day when my luck dramatically changed and at 1:20 P.M "YA BABY ! " a fish was on.

I was long lining a Magnum Grim Reaper Spinnerbait tipped with a 6" power grub in 12 to 13 ft of water, when the big girl hit. She hit so hard that it almost ripped my DownEast Salty rod holder from its mounted position (I was very lucky) just before my Calcutta400 started screaming. I quickly grabbed the rod and started bringing her to the boat. I could feel it was a good fish with heavy headshakes pumping on the end of the rod. She was pretty calm until she surfaced and saw the boat, then all hell broke loose. Running, diving, twisting and rolling, she did every thing in her power to get loose. The 65lb Power Pro line held up and after two to three good runs, I had the Buckhorn beauty at boatside. I hit my free spool and as I reached down to hand land her, she took another run. She dove down deep and peeled off about 20 ft of line to the point I was not able to see her. I thought to myself "I'm going to loose this fish" .I regained control and had her once again to the boat, this time she was a bit more cooperative. I carefully grabbed her and quickly removed the single No.6 hook from the corner of her month. I held her in the water until a nearby muskie boat, that watch from 30 ft away, worked their way over. After quickly measuring (48 inches) and tagging her, she was back in the water. It did not take long for her to disappear into the frigate waters. I was fortunate to have a boat in the area to share this great moment. They also took a few nice snap shots. (Thanks guys)

>My partner came up later on that night. We fished Sat. and Sun. (approx. 15 hrs). I raised two fish casting the same spinnerbait but that was all. We’ll be back next weekend. That’s for sure.

    My partner and I have participated in a tagging program that covers the Tri-Lakes. If you fish this area and do catch a tagged fish we encourage you to record the tag, date, length, location and report it to the corresponding phone number on the tag (705-738-3112). You may have to scrape the green algae that builds up on the tag to read it. Our boat has tagged 54 muskies this season and have re-caught 3 fish. I will elaborate more when I get total results.

 Good luck on the water

Rommel Misa